Paint and Coating

 Paint is the ancient name for coating. Coating is the modern civilization name that contains more technology components, widely used in modern science and technology and industrial applications. But there are some paint unhesitatingly call habitual or preserved, such as latex paint, primer, paint and so on. Generally, the coating is capable of coating the surface of the object to be coated and a continuous film can be formed tightly adherent material. It can be inorganic, such as copper plating, electroless nickel, electroplated zinc and the like. It can also be organic, as most of the organic polymer materials, organic polymer materials constitute a major part of today's coatings market.

As a viscous oil paint pigment, the case was dry flammable, insoluble in water, slightly soluble in fat, soluble in alcohol, aldehyde, ether, benzene, dioxane, soluble in gasoline, kerosene and diesel.

Paint regardless of how species or form, is a film-forming substance, minor film-forming material and an auxiliary film-forming material composed of three basic materials:

Film-forming substance: also known as adhesive film material mostly organic polymers such as natural resin (rosin, the paint), paint (tung oil, linseed oil, soybean oil, fish oil, etc.), a synthetic resin mixed ingredients, after the reaction temperature is made, there are a combination of inorganic paints (eg: inorganic zinc-rich paint). Various film-forming material according to the national standard class total of xxx. It is composed of body paint, it determines the performance of the film. If no film-forming substances, pigments and auxiliary materials simply can not form a film.

Secondary film-forming materials include: various pigments, extender pigments, anti-rust paint. Pigments provide color and opacity for the paint film to improve the protective properties of the paint and decorative effect, good weather resistance pigment can improve the life of the paint. Extender pigments can increase the thickness of the film, using its own performance structure "flake, needle," through a stacked complex pigment, scaly film formation, improve the film of life, improve water resistance and rust effect. Rust paint through its own physical and chemical rust role in preventing the surface by atmospheric, chemical corrosion, metal surface corrosion.

Auxiliary film-forming substances include: various additives, solvents, various additives in the paint manufacturing process, storage process, the use of the process, the film forming process and play a very important role. Although the amount of use are small, but the impact on the performance of a great film. Even they do not form a film such as: quit, sink to the bottom caking crust. Water-based paint need aid in order to meet production, construction, storage and the formation of the film. Paint additive level also represents the level of national paint. The solvent also called "dispersion medium" (including various organic solvents, water) the main film-forming substance is diluted to form a viscous liquid, so that the production and construction. The mixture is often a film forming binder and dispersion medium called paint.

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