At Formaking, we create more than just chemicals - we create chemistry. For over 10 years, we have worked closely with industry stakeholders to enable successful sustainable construction projects. With Formaking, buildings can be more durable and require fewer resources for maintenance. Chemistry also makes buildings more energy efficient, thus protecting our environment.
        We are convinced that sustainable development and corporate responsibility are vital for the future viability of Formaking. We therefore accept responsibility worldwide, especially for our business, our employees and society. Our CR strategy takes up the megatrends identified in our corporate strategy and supplements them with ecological and societal challenges. Formaking aims to make a substantial contribution to sustainable development by developing new products and business models. At the same time, we want to strengthen our market positions.
        We drove forward our CR strategy  by intensively addressing the expectations of internal and external stakeholders. Since we are a supplier to many other industrial companies, the ecological footprint of our products is a key issue for our stakeholders, especially our customers. Our customers expect our products, services and technologies to help them achieve their sustainability targets. That applies to both the raw materials we use and production processes. Alliances along the value chain play a significant role in that. 
        We are convinced that assuming corporate responsibility is one of the prerequisites for success in the long run. Formaking advocates Corporate Responsibility and implements caring programs In the global.
        With strong and efficient research and development , a focus on growth areas and the Emerging Markets, and a national and international network of outstanding partners, we are creating the foundation for innovation and thus the company's future success. 
        Research collaborations with external partners from academia and industry form an integral part of our innovation strategy. These collaborations and alliances with leading universities, public research institutes and partner companies are supplemented by incubators, crowdsourcing and science hubs in Asia and the United States to tap into external innovative potential using the open innovation approach. Some of our collaborations are supported by public funding.
        In 2050, nine billion people will live on this planet. Three-quarters of this population will live in cities. The increasing urbanization of the population will require new concepts for housing and construction. Sustainability is therefore a crucial issue for our future. What is our way ahead? How should we tackle new challenges together? You will get these answers and further inspiration through  these authentic stories!
        There are more than 100 products in the product database of Formaking Industries.  In fact, many sectors rely on multiple products from Formaking, and it isn’t uncommon for those products to originate from completely different production locations and business units. 

  Epoxy floor coating 

   As one of the leading suppliers for the epoxy flooring materials, Formaking offers products and solutions that fulfill

   manufacturers' highest demands in terms of formulations.


   Paint and Coating

   Formaking endeavors to offer coatings products and solutions that contribute to resource efficiency and sustainability.



   Our products exceed ordinary expectations and excite the interest of customers because we make a major contribution

   to the success of his end product.


   Concrete Admixtures

   Surface dense,high abrasion resistance,high impact dust,environmental light,durable


Product Description,General Conditions of Sale and Delivery

An English as well as a German, a French, an Italian,  a Russian and also a Chinese translation are available.

Product Description,General Conditions of Sale and Delivery (English)

Product Description,General Conditions of Sale and Delivery (German)

Product Description,General Conditions of Sale and Delivery (French)

Product Description,General Conditions of Sale and Delivery (Italian)

Product Description,General Conditions of Sale and Delivery (Russian)

Product Description,General Conditions of Sale and Delivery (Chinese)